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Name: Kat

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Occupation: Writer

Motivation: Hearse Pimpin

Major Malfunction: Travel


Yes, it's a trap.



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Kat's Big 10 Archive

You may glean a bit of useful information from these, but my Big 10s are mostly inside jokes with myself and (at best) a handful of others. I've been making these since olden days of 2000, when web design merely consisted of slapping some shit on a page and hoping it would catch someone's eye. What am I talking about? It's still like that.

Anyway, to preserve the nature of the Big 10s, I haven't fully integrated them into my current pristine site. Kat's Big 10 is kind of its own beast, and if you read them, you'll see why.

Title Date
The Super Summer Big 10 7-1-03
The Oh-My-Mardi-Gras Big 10 3-5-03
My Generic-Ass Big 10 11-16-02
The Gimme a Job Big 10 4-17-02
The Weakest Big 10 2-20-02
The Sleepless Big 10 12-9-01
The Fall Semester Big 10 9-5-01
The Hot Austin Big 10 8-10-01
The Big 10 on Cloud 9 7-27-01
The Seeing Stars Big 10 7-9-01
The James-Has-A-Mohawk Big 10       5-31-01
The 'Nuff Said Big 10 4-19-01
La Buena Vida Big 10 3-26-01
The Dirty Dragon Big 10 3-7-01
The Prelude to Love Big 10 2-1-01
The Leafy Green Big 10 1-18-01
The Birthday Big 10 11-30-00
Super-Relax Big 10 11-15-00
Le Big 10 Trés Bitchee 11-7-00
The Red Hot Big 10 10-27-00
Kat's Negative Big 10 10-18-00
The Sexy Nighttime Big 10 10-12-00
A Crusty Big 10 9-29-00
Ye Olde Big 10 9-19-00
The Prehistoric Big 10 8-31-00


The Obviously Avocado Big 10

It's "California-style"

  1. Three-wolf shirts
  2. Made-for-TV poetry
  3. lamebook
    If you're not laughing, you are being laughed at.
  4. Cool stories, brah
  5. Internet name-dropping
    Now basement-dwelling losers can be douchebags too!
  6. Passive-aggressive behavior
    "Someone's doing something I don't like, and I need an intelligent-sounding phrase to describe it."
  7. Platty Katty's Bratty Patties, Shroomie Style
  8. Hilton vacation telephone promotions
    Call me one more time and the Garden Inn down the street gets it.
  9. Tweeting to bend a flock of pigeons to your will
  10. Writing on someone's wall without going online

The Previous Big 10

The Seattle Big 10

I just wanted him to show me the Space Needle...

  1. Becoming the self-appointed welcome wagon in a city I've lived in less than 6 months
  2. iPod Sundays at The Satellite
  3. Winehoused!
  4. The technicolor wolf-dragon-man
    I think I finally figured out what he wants from me, and he can't have it!
  5. MS Transportation Failure
    "I think I'm going to die on this bus."
    "Perhaps we already have."
  6. Having to describe the weather I'm seeing only as "precipitation" because I really don't know what it is
  7. Kool-Aid Man
    Oh yeah!
  8. A t-shirt that reads, "Ask me why I'm stabbing you in the face."
  9. Koreans who love eggs
    Like the sky above...
  10. g00bs, a.k.a. Seattle men
    Love 'em or hate 'em, they make great blog fodder

The Big 10 Before That

The Summer Again Big 10

A year? Already?

  1. Free Hams
    Free hams will fill me! Free hams will thrill me! Why don't you feed me... FREE HAMS!!!
  2. The DMV in NYC
  3. Adding bubbles to your bath so you can actively ignore how dirty the tub is
  4. Gus's diamond status at Harrah's properties
    Congrats, baby!
  5. Bjorkestra
    The term alone has me excited
  6. Old friends
  7. The Master Cleanse
  8. My broken Sidekick
    Fuck T-Mobile. I'd flip the bird for emphasis but my hands are busy with this tablet and chisel
  9. Edys Loaded Butterfinger Ice Cream
    The Addiction is back
  10. Being annoyed that the right column is longer than the left
    My site needs a boob job

The Big 10 Way Before That

The Big Apple Big 10

It's up to you, New York

  1. My new office
    I miss everyone in the Austin office a lot, but these guys give me iced mochas
  2. Countertops... Whoa...
  3. Peeping Tom
    "You people live in Brooklyn because you can't afford to live in Manhattan." / "I do live in Manhattan! HAHAHAHA!"
  4. The never-ending quest for tortillas and Mach-3 razors
    I think I'm done questing for awhile
  5. Vacation sunglasses
  6. Hoboken
    If only for its great view of Manhattan
  7. The misguided libidinous dweebs on MySpace
  8. The new virus on my computer that allowed me to install a fart button
  9. Abnormally vivid dreams about monkeys
    That's a bit curious, George
  10. Waiting until I move across the country to update my Big 10

The Big 10 Way, Way Before That

The Linkless Big 10

Because you've had enough already!

  1. DSL and wireless Internet
    They got off to a rocky start, but now they're finally coexisting peacefully in my apartment
  2. Dim Sum
    Like most ethnic foods, it's even better here
  3. My refurbished Blogger template
  4. Trader Joe's
    It's better than your grocery store
  5. Feeling like I'm on vacation all the time
  6. People who actually speak web jargon
    Way to show your age! LOL
  7. Haight Street
    I'm sure there are "much cooler" places to go in San Francisco, but I don't care
  8. The DaVinci Code
  9. My car
    Never thought I'd appreciate it so much until I had to spend a lot of time in the backseat of someone else's
  10. Still figuring out what to do with the new-fangled Big 10s

The Big 10 Way, Way, WAY Before That

The Big 10 of 2004

If popular cable channels can do it, so can I

  1. We took home the best dog ever
  2. The revival of
    I've come a long way, baby!
  3. The first season of Home Movies on DVD
    Put marbles in your nose/No do not put them there!
  4. Men who still think women can't play poker
    Your ignorance is cash in my pocket
  5. My pink hair
    Now everyone's really jockin' me like they know me
  6. Freebirds North
    Fuck Chipotle (a subsidiary of McDonald's)
  7. A full-sized U-Haul truck being hauled by a larger truck
  8. Going to Oklahoma more times in one year than ever before
    I saw a cow
  9. Sammiches
    Why say it correctly? Ask the maker of the 8500-calorie one.
  10. Spending too much time contemplating what to do with all of my archived Big 10s

The Big 10 to Begin All Modern Big 10s

A Very Space-Saving Big 10

  1. Netflix
    I'm on the bandwagon at last!
  2. The new They Might Be Giants video on
  3. Fish tacos from Zapatos
    Perhaps the only good thing about College Station
  4. Adult Swim
    What bumps will those crazy kids think of next?
  5. The movie, Frida
    Better than they say, not as good as it could have been
  6. That guy who blew up an outhouse because he lit a cigarette while taking a shit
  7. Super Puzzle Fighter
  8. Las Vegas
    Hell on earth, but I was just visiting
  9. The amendment banning same-sex marriage was defeated in the Senate
    Good to hear we're staying in the 21st century
  10. Crappy free cds from college
    Although they give my desk a cluttered, retro look, I'm still not listening to them

Kat's Really Old Big 10s

Scrolling is so 2001.