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Boards of Canada, Keyboard cat, and cheesy camera effects: three great tastes that taste great together!

I think the walls are staring at me…

Today at work, I got a new keyboard, a ring with a scary guy on it, and six cans of Four Loko (not pictured).

Starting November 18, Washington consumers won’t have to put up with the annoying task of reading labels and thinking for themselves as much. The state Liquor Control Board approved an emergency ban on caffeinated alcoholic beverages after a bunch of kids downed too much Four Loko at a party. I hear the stuff is friggin’ awful, rivaling brands like Thunderbird and Cisco in brain-pulverizing, tongue-insulting raunchiness.

So a cow-orker and I had to run out and get six cans each during our lunch break. We were going to look for them at Janky Albertson’s, but there was a convenience store conveniently located right in between Al’s and that damn Mexican place where we ate.

At my cow-orker’s behest, I also bought a stupid ring. When you buy a bunch of shitty drinks, you have to buy a shitty piece of jewelry that will turn your skin green to remember the experience.

Also, I may get lucky if I decide to celebrate my 30th out of town. All flights out of Sea-Tac now include a free groping from TSA. Aw guys… you shouldn’t have!

You know which one I mean.

The sounds of cutting metal just feet away from my desk forced me outside on a beautiful November afternoon. It was exactly three years ago today that I first moved to Seattle, and the weather was about the same. But now, instead of wandering around Fremont disoriented and enchanted, I am in Everett, and I know exactly how far from home I am (21.5 traffic-laden miles).

If I needed any reminders, getting stares as I walked to, through, and from the grocery store drove the point home perfectly: I ain’t from around here. I’m not a teenager, I’m not a mom, and to everyone’s seemingly unfounded surprise, I don’t even have a boyfriend. I’m just some lady who works up here. Stop looking at me.

Now, my QFC on Capitol Hill is far from normal, I’ll admit that. But at least I can shop with confidence that the weirdos would act just as weird if I weren’t there. Most of them are more fun to stare at than I am anyway.

One thing this haven for Walmartian spillover has going for it are these little guys:

I am impressed by the efficiency-to-cuteness ratio of this product. However, the name unnecessarily uses the letter Y twice. This item does not measure power/torque, nor is it computer-related. Did not buy.