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1. Going out in the rain for the sole purpose of buying an umbrella feels like driving your car for the sole purpose of putting gas in it. As of this writing, I have only done the former and still don’t wish to do the latter.

2. Comment Is King… as long as your kingdom consists of a handful of hostile subjects that you berate with the efficacy of a homeless schizophrenic shouting at the voices in his head.

3. The Satellite as we know it may be gone, but the new owners have already painted the outside to look like a three-ring circus. I guess they were worried they couldn’t win back its previous clientele.

Your apartment complex may be run down, isolated, and full of weirdos, but it’s good to have a sense of humor.

Addendum: This is not my place, it is merely a place that I passed through on my journey to happy home-dom. It is a long one, but worth making!

This should provide some good encouragement before my upcoming job interview… D’oh! Well, better him than me.