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The first punkass uncostumed kid who shows up at my door demanding candy gets a pillowcase full of Cool Jack’s innards.

…even though I don’t always get it.

Earlier this week Dominic took me to see the film, Paranormal Activity. I may have mentioned this before, but I must emphasize that I really don’t like going to the theater to see first-run films. I’ll check out movies relevant to my interests in independent art theaters because they usually can’t fill half the house. If I’m in town, I’ll go see weird stuff with my friends at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin because they serve pizza and beer, and they’ll take your ass out for talking. Mostly though, I recognize that any first-run film that I want to see is a movie, meaning when I watch it has almost no impact on my life at all. It will come out on DVD in a matter of months, and I will be able to enjoy it at my leisure for much less than $10 per movie ticket.

That said, I went to the damn movie. I like horror movies and it was Monday. Why the hell not?

The theater was packed, but not ridiculously so. Unfortunately, that was the best thing I can say about this film. The first hour and change portray a young 20-something couple bickering about a bunch of stupid shit. I saw that the couple in front of us had a big pizza. That looked good. There was another couple a few rows back eating popcorn. There are almost 50 grams of fat in a small bucket of popcorn. Good thing they’re sharing. Hey, it smells like jalepenos in here…

Is that couple on the screen still fighting? Yeah? Okay. Maybe if he’s going to act like such a pompous douche and she’s pissy because she’s all cursed and shit, it might be time to part ways.

They had a really nice house, though: wood floors, two guest rooms, and that kitchen… Wow!

“BO-ring,” I said.

“BORING!” Dominic replied.

“I’m not feeling any romance in this movie right now.”

And so it went. We sat in the dark theater and watched a next-generation Blair Witch Project while I silently wished it were months later. Then, I would be watching this movie at home with a bottle of Knob, wearing boxer shorts and shouting things at the TV. Damn theater etiquette for censoring my loud, witty brilliance!

The last 10 minutes of this movie were good. Sort of. I mean, there were a few things that could make you jump, but they didn’t compensate for the long, dull rising action preceding it. Dominic was freaked out. I was at a loss… of about two hours of my life.

This movie got great reviews, so for people who tend to agree with those, this could be fun. It is different from the typical horror movie format, but in my opinion, that doesn’t work in its favor.

lazylifter09: Just got 2 the gym.
about 1 hour ago

lazylifter09: Gonna do some leg curls.
about 58 minutes ago

somechick95611: Hay man! I’m at the gym too! Wearin’ my pink track suit and lookin’ fiiiiine.
about 57 minutes ago

lazylifter09: I betchu look fine gurrrrrl
about 56 minutes ago

somechick95611: Fo Sho
about 52 minutes ago

somechick95611: Whatchu doin N E wayz?
about 52 minutes ago

lazylifter09: 200 lbs at 5 whole reps! Ima gettin strong now! yeah boieeee
about 48 minutes ago

lazylifter09: When da weight slam down itz like ‘pop POP!’
about 47 minutes ago

somechick95611: You so stong! lol
about 45 minutes ago

someotherperson: Stupid punkass lol
about 36 minutes ago

lazylifter09: Textin some mo peeps. Teh gym is awsum haha!
about 34 minutes ago

lazylifter09: Liffin’ free weights now!
about 31 minutes ago

lazylifter09: I can lift 100 lbs with one arm. Two reps!
about 28 minutes ago

someotherperson: My pitbull will eat U! hah!
about 26 minutes ago

lazylifter09: Liftin with the other arm, but yo dawg you keep textin me brah!
about 23 minutes ago

lazylifter09: Phone is blowin up, yall. Can’t a brother lift?
about 22 minutes ago

lazylifter09: I’m gonna sit here on this bench for another 15 minutes so I can feel like I’ve been at the gym and working out for a long time even though I’m a giant waste of space who has done the equivalent of move heavy furniture around a small room and will probably develop back problems and other injuries before any muscle tone is visible.
about 15 minutes ago

platkat: If you can’t finish one full set of reps without messing with your phone, how strong are you really?
just now

Addendum: Yeah, I know. The spelling and grammar are too good. You’ll just have to suspend your disbelief a little.

Poker + Running = Awesome

Pavement + Kat’s Legs = Not So Much

I ran the Gold Rush Poker Run and Walk on Saturday and finished in under 30 minutes. That’s normal for me, but my back problems made it abnormally painful both during and after. It was nice to get back outside after a few months of practice on the treadmill, and once the pain goes away I’ll feel it was worth it.

As written on Yelp: This is one of the better 5Ks I have run. It was well organized with plenty of volunteers to make sure everything happened on time. Unlike some races, parking was easy and the course was shaded and pretty. I appreciated the assortment of bagels and energy bars laid out for runners at the awards ceremony at the end.

Throughout the race, you collect cards to make a hand that you can exchange for raffle tickets in order to win some fantastic prizes. Obviously, the better your hand, the more tickets you get. The concept is great, but there was one large group of kids who traded cards to make straights and flushes, which afforded them more tickets than those who kept their own cards. And I suppose raffle tickets were on sale for people who didn’t run the race, since several organizers were collecting prizes too. In some cases, people won multiple prizes and hadn’t even run the race!

I may sound a little sore because I didn’t win any of the prizes, but I’m pretty sure my shins are more sore from running on pavement for the first time in months. I plan to relieve both with the passage of time and giant bags of ice.

Looking forward to the next one!


I wasn’t planning to write an official review, but a quick google search for the race link revealed that someone else had done it. I don’t know if anyone involved with the race will read it or not, but I felt like giving some feedback. I realize this is the first annual run of its kind here, so it wasn’t going to be perfect. All the things I find important about a race were there (good course, helpful volunteers, etc.), and that’s what really matters.*

I was excited to get back out there and do an actual race now that I’m exercising again. I also wanted to join Dominic for his first official race. However, my angry shins and back seem to be telling me it was too soon. I was hoping the race would provide a break in the treadmill monotony, motivate me to keep going to the gym, and maybe even get me excited about another upcoming race in the area. We were thinking of doing the Turkey Trot next month, but the only turkey I want to think about now appears between two slices of bread, preferably accompanied by an avocado.

I probably shouldn’t speak too soon about doing another race. No one said overcoming strange bodily injuries was easy. Back when I lived in Austin, I loved attending races. And here, it’s not like I’m required to run them, but I’ve never walked a race before. Something about that seems wrong. Probably because it’s not a race, it’s a walk for the elderly and mentally challenged. Yes, I’m being politically correct for once. See how warm and fuzzy 5Ks make me?

*Alright, screw this Miss Congeniality garbage. I missed out on some seriously good prizes: bottles of pinot noir, hotel stays in Tahoe, car maintenance, winery tours, tickets to local events… Yeah yeah, I’ll get over it.

Well, it was epic for me lately. Normally I fly everywhere. This was a special-edition trip planned for the specific purpose of collecting the majority of my earthly possessions from Seattle and transporting them to my new home in Sacramento. A pleasant byproduct of this adventure was being able to introduce my new(ish) love interest to some of my closest friends.

It turns out the best way to score free parking in a heavily populated, expensive downtown garage is have your van’s window broken out by a bunch of idiots who will steal your iPod converter cable, but leave your iPod in plain sight. But we’re not complaining, considering just about everything I own was stuffed in the back, and no one even bothered to look through it. I guess these brutish thieves have no use for women’s clothing, assorted kitchenware, and framed pictures of my friends and relatives. I almost feel bad for leaving my crystal meth in my other jacket. Hopefully they found some other way to scrounge up the energy to break into another van with more valuable stuff in it.

The parking attendant was pretty understanding and didn’t even question us or examine the broken glass all over the driver’s side windowsill as we told him what happened in 25 words or less. He just waved us through. The $30 saved wouldn’t be such a victory if we hadn’t gotten the optional insurance that I usually deny when I rent cars. At my man’s behest. I should probably include that, huh?

Until the break-in (and even after that), things went great. We met up with some folks at the Stumbling Monk and then went next door for cheese curds and other assorted junk food. I got to see Martin and Diana at Vermillion, my favorite bar/art gallery in Seattle/the world. And then we did shots at the Indian restaurant, Maharaja, for reasons unsure.

It was fantastic to see my friends, and equally so to make a new one down in Portland the following night. We had a few tasty special beers and burgers at Deschutes Brewery and followed it up with video games at Ground Kontrol. Our room at Hotel deLuxe was unique in an old-fashioned way, but with a giant flat-panel TV and an iPod-ready clock radio. The place is black-and-white movie themed, which gave it warmth and lots of character. It was probably one of the nicest hotel stays I’ve enjoyed this year.

Before heading back to Cali, we stopped at Voodoo Doughnut at the recommendation of just about everyone we know who has ever been to Portland or thought about going. I got one with nougat in the hole and another covered with frosting and M&Ms.;

Now that our fantastic weekend has come to an end, it’s time to find hiding places around the apartment for all the duplicate home items we have as a result of this trip.