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The trip has been going great; thanks to everyone who pinged me asking about it. Also, thanks for asking about my blog. I know I went AWOL just after reaching an all-time high readership of four, but I’m planning to write some trip entries real soon.

In the interest of keeping it fun, I don’t want to post a link to the 800 pictures I’ve taken and call it a day. I usually get bored when other people send me those, so I figured I’d best make with the funny or GTFO.

The problem lies in the fact that I need to resize and upload at least my pics to a stable location. The Great (Fire)Wall of China won’t even let me view my site, let alone perform FTP uploads to it. I wouldn’t mind putting everything in a picasa or flickr account, but I won’t feel pop’n’fresh-good until I have at least some of my pictures in my own domain.

There was a disaster involving a seven rolls of film, Machu Picchu, the UT J-school computer lab, and an Angelfire account several years ago that I don’t care to repeat. Sure, I’m on my own personal laptop now (that has a story too), but I’m allowing myself to be neurotic on this project.

Until then, here’s an exception to my rule. Me at the Shanghai waterfront: