I was asked a few times yesterday if anyone followed up on the fruit fly situation. The short answer is yes—Trash is being collected daily now until further notice. The long answer is as follows:

After sitting through an excruciatingly long meeting, I bolted out of the conference room at my earliest opportunity to find three men standing at my cube: my admin [admin], the guy from before [facilities], and a new guy that the guy from before has to talk to before anything important gets done [facilities+1].

While [admin] has been more than sympathetic to the cause (he’s getting flies in his office, and there’s not even a garbage can in there), and [facilities] warmed up pretty quickly, [facilities+1] was not so nice. He kept trying to suggest in a roundabout way that we were slobs and somehow food was left out behind a desk or cabinet, and that was the source of our pest problem. So I kept counter-arguing that the time this problem surfaced correlates with the time trash stopped being collected daily. I also said very loudly that all of my coworkers are conscientious, clean people, who have taken every measure to ensure that their workspaces have remained neat and organized. I don’t know this for a fact, but from what I’ve seen it’s true, and it made me sound really nice.

After a lot of annoying fruitless discussion (pun?), [facilities+1] brought up the idea of spraying the area. I would like that very much. Unfortunately, [admin] is a bit young and overzealous, and understandably wants to make as few waves as possible. He’s afraid that people would be inconvenienced by the spraying and said he wanted that to be a last resort. This displeased me. But we hadn’t seen how regular trash pickup would affect the situation, so I kept my mouth shut.

To reiterate, this place is a raving shithole. We’re going to have to spray.

As of this writing (time/datestamp-altered, of course), we still have flies, and to put it bluntly: Kat ain’t happy. And you know how it is… If Kat ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy.