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Friday Night 1:

Friday Night 2:

It began when my roommate Kristen and I went to Solo Lounge, where her friend was showing his art. The place was cute and trendy, and it had a great wine list. So it was much to my surprise when they followed the chill, downtempo dj with a loud, obnoxious bluegrass band. What the hell? Smoking and drunk texting ensued. I also met a nice girl named Holly.

Then we went to Nuemo’s, where Kristen is the resident photographer. Before we went in, we ran into Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service fame, and we talked to him. Hold on a minute, I’m going to pick up these names I just dropped. At the bar, I met a nice guy named Mikey.

After the show, we went to the hot dog stand across the street. Kristen got the last hot dog. But that’s cool ’cause I got a giant Snickers bar from the ghetto Shell station on the way home and ate the whole thing in the car. Happy birthday, indeed!

This year was kind of a trainwreck, but I’m sure some sick part of me is going to miss it. I liked being 26. It was a comfortable age in most cases—I was old enough to sound well-rounded and important in job interviews, but young enough to be cute and realistically naive sometimes.

Now I’m beginning the onset of this:

The Saturn return is an astrological phenomenon that occurs in a person’s life at approximately 27–30 years of age and again around the age of 58–60, with the third and usually final occurrence around 86–88. The planet Saturn takes approximately 29.5 years to orbit the Sun; when it returns to the exact degree along the ecliptic it occupied at the time of a person’s birth this is referred to as their “Saturn Return”.

Saturn is symbolically/astrologically associated with time, challenge, fear, doubt, confusion, difficulty, seriousness, heaviness, and hard lessons, among other more positive things such as structure, significance, accomplishment, reflection, power, prestige, maturity, and order – this is why astrologers believe that the thirtieth birthday is such a major rite of passage and is considered by many astrologers to mark the “true beginning” of adulthood, self-evaluation, independence, responsibility, ambition, and full maturation.

I’m not a huge believer in astrology, but if the shoe fits…

Now that it’s noon and I’m up and about (ha), I’m settling in for another day of this:

It’s a hard-knock life… for me…

So I’m still honeymooning with the Sidekick, but I’d never forget about my Lappy 3000.

Right now, I technically have it all. Technically.

Lacking many of my party-throwing resources (e.g., friends), I’m not planning on getting anything or doing anything or going anywhere, I just thought I’d throw out that little PSA. My level of excitement about my birthday varies from year to year. Usually I’m either really excited or really not excited. This will mark the exit from my mid-20’s, and I was kind of dreading it a few weeks ago. Now for some reason I’m kind of excited. It makes very little sense, since I’m in a new city and don’t know enough people to have a giant blowout celebration. Last year, I was in the same situation, so I went to a dive bar and ate hot dogs. It was something to do…

I already bought myself a birthday present, my new Sidekick LX. The more I use it, the more I love it. Can you marry a phone? I just might. If I can find a hack to use Google Chat and play Tetris, you should plan on receiving an announcement in your mailbox.

“I now pronounce you Kat and phone. You may enable the Bluetooth.”

Okay, I made a wishlist on Amazon. Stuff. I like it.

You know how the opening credits of “Sex and the City” show Carrie walking down the streets of Manhattan looking super-reflective, like she has a million important things on her mind? Well, I do that too, but I also talk to myself, complete with facial expressions and hand gestures.

This was okay when I lived in Manhattan because there are so many people around, no one gives a rat’s ass what you do. And I got away with it in Austin because people are just weird there. But in Seattle, it’s considered kind of strange, almost to the point where people cross to the other side of the street when they see you coming.

I learned this today as I was walking to the Rite Aid downtown with LOL Internet going through my head. Unless you’ve already done it, don’t click that link. If you have, you’re doomed and there’s no hope for you. You’re going to be like me now.

LOL is such a common internet acronym that people type it frequently but are rarely actually laughing out loud. As I hoofed it up Third Avenue, I began laughing out loud at the absurdity of “LOL Internet” and couldn’t stop.

I ended up calling my sister with my new Sidekick LX, which has been working fabulously despite the fact that it’s blue and sort of uncute. I explained to her that I was laughing out loud, which is okay if you’re at a computer screen, but not when you’re alone walking down the street. At least if I’m on the phone, I look like I’m part of a conversation that is funny and not randomly laughing at some asinine song that I can’t get out of my head. This also reminded me to get stamps, so I walked to the post lolffice.

On my way home, I decided to make my own song. It goes like this:

LOL, Seattle
Creepy dudes and Seahawks games
LOL, Seattle
Microsoft and seafood bars
LOL, Seattle
Pike Place Market and loft parties

Wow, this is worse than LOLcats… I’m a LOLcoholic!

Yeah, just wanted to pop on and say I love it here and I’m having an awesome time and even though no one gives a shit…. I do! I love it here! I’ve met some of the nicest people and everything looks really promising and I can ramble and ramble because even when I had a clever writing style it didn’t really matter so this is what you get right now. I’m going to write like a high schooler and pretend it’s normal. Here it is. I said I was giving it up, but… My LOLseattles. Let me show you them.

Really, it just has to stop. First it was just LOLcats, but now I can has LOLjobs, an LOLplace, and LOLfriends… not to mention tons of cool LOLstuff. At some point, I’m going to have to stop LOLing or my brain is going to implode from trying to process all the bad grammar.

So please…


“I’m not addicted, just heavily committed.”

I’m late, but not by months like I had anticipated. After pitting an age-old camera against brand-new Vista, an insightful compromise was reached via a CompactFlash card reader. (Duh!)

This year’s Halloween was one of the biggest and baddest ever. I was also sober the entire time, which allowed me to escort myself to three different parties on opposite ends of town Saturday night. This was also my first Slut-o-ween. As I come of age and find I have less and less to worry about, I’ve become more comfortable with my body… in goofy, somewhat revealing outfits. Us nice girls only get one day a year, we might as well make the most of it!

Here’s a pic of me taken with Path and Stacie at the first stop on my Halloween adventure:

Pictures from another house party

Pictures from Igor (Downtown)

Pictures from my camera (Once again, if you want to be flickr friends, befriend platkat. Still not going pro!)

Last week, I embarked on a journey. I won’t get into what it was for or how doomed it was from the start. But I will note the happy moments I spent taking these two pictures as the sun was setting on Pike Place Market. The day was good, the night was full of promise, and I… will gracefully refrain from adding a “Trainwreck of the Year” caption below my picture.

Just your average Seattle produce stand pest…