The Free Design was right: kites are fun. We spent the day at the Zilker Kite Festival (there’s a website for the event, but I’ll spare you) and this time, I actually brought a kite.

My kite was a big colorful parrot named Pancho. Despite the occassional nosedive and an unfortunate tangle with a wayward fish, Pancho was a high-flying, wind-catching machine, unlike Lefty, his sad sidekick bird-kite, which was stuck in a tree.

After we made the rounds at Zilker and let Zoey sniff, lick, or otherwise mingle with every person and dog in our path, we headed to Rounders on West 6th Street. I had passed the place numerous times, but was unaware of the extent of its coolness.

Incidentally, I added Austin Java to my list of Dog-Friendly Spots in Austin. Not because it was new or surprising, but because of my oversight. I should have known that when I went a few months ago and saw a zillion dogs there. Apparently, I needed to bring Zoey there before I could solidify the information in my mind. Of course, I’m still of the opinion that I should be able to bring Zoey everywhere. But until that’s possible, I’ll continue attempting to catalog the “safe” places for interspecies companionship.