Archive for September, 2004

We have a new dog! Her name is Zoey and she’s four years old. The good folks at Town Lake Animal Shelter say she’s a lab mix, but everyone we meet thinks she’s just a puppy. She looks exactly like a regular lab, only smaller. Zoey is really sweet, but incredibly shy. We’re starting to arrange play dates with other dogs so she can socialize and gain more confidence. Helping the dog adjust is pretty much all I’ve been doing since we got her a few days ago. Getting her used to being in the house became Priority #1 after I came home to find she had pooped all over Delan’s bedroom floor.

Our house has been an accident-free work zone since Friday, September 17. (Good thing we’re not an oil refinery!)

Just thought I’d pop on and pat myself on the back for updating. I need to find a good picture of myself for the About Me section, but for now, the double-duck will have to do. Gus is gone, so I’ll probably be updating this site a lot this week.