Archive for August, 2004

So it has been a month, and as you can plainly see, I’ve made little progress on the button-making and java script-learning. However, I’ve spent a pretty hefty chunck of time poker-playing and dog-shopping. Our poker league team is still first in our division. When I got our team together, I was by no means organizing some sort of “dream team”. I just wanted to play poker with a lot of different people every Monday. Now we have this awesome team and all these strange people jock us like they know us. (homestar reference)

I was having a conversation today with two women I work with about oogling movie stars. I don’t do that. Apparently, that puts me in the minority, at least around these women. I think I would be correct to guess that this makes me different from most women, as I was never the type of girl to hang posters of cute boys from the pages of Tiger Beat on my bedroom walls. (Ask me about my Ren & Stimpy poster collection.) I recognize these actors/musicians/whatever are attractive, but I don’t see the point in fawning over someone I don’t know and probably can’t have. It may be just a fantasy, but it’s also a waste of time. You’re never going to meet the person. And it’s even more of a waste if somehow you end up meeting the person and he turns out to be a total asshole. Fantasizing about having relations with people you know makes sense. I’ve had the fantasies, now I’m having relations. The second part is way more fun. And when I’m not doing that, I don’t want to think about some strange man I don’t know sweeping me off my feet. I’ve been swept. Now, I have more important fantasies to ponder, such as playing with my new happy dog, winning the World Series of Poker, lining up Tetris pieces in my head, deciding where my next trip will be, and watching Bush’s presidency end.