Archive for July, 2004

This marks the beginning of my first real attempt at revamping my website in years. I’m planning to give my ever-popular sporadic rants a more blog-like feel and make the design a little less “dug up from Angelfire 4 years ago”. Believe it or not, I actually made all the old buttons and designed the last site myself. At one point, I had even incorporated some gratuitous Flash, which cost more in time than it paid off in aesthetic. I made the mistake of creating my last homepage in Dreamweaver. This caused me to rebuild this site with one core rule in mind: I can only use it if I understand it. Homesite is pretty good about making you understand any code you put into it, which I guess is why we use it at work. And our brilliant web team came up with a really strict, unfailing cascading style sheet, which I guess is why I stole it and modified it a little. Eventually, I hope to figure out how to write my own rules, as well as develop a re-usable template. I guess I should take one step at a time and make some buttons first. Double points for me if they’re rollovers, since I’ll have to use (and understand) javascript. It has taken me forever to get this far, so I’m sure none of you are holding your breath. Normally, I wouldn’t post something so half-assed and unlinked to the web, but I feel like I should post something. To be perpetually “under construction” would be a waste of a tiny URL and a cheap web host! Wish I had time for a mini-manifesto on education, child day care (is there adult day care?), gay marriage, the 2004 election, the usefulness of daylight savings time, corporate bullshit, trophy wives, or something else equally fun to discuss/argue about, but it’s late, you can’t believe you’re reading this whole paragraph, and I’m ready to stop making you go to my old website and battle pop-up ads to find out what’s been goin’ on with me lately.

(You just clicked that link even though I warned you about the pop-up ads, didn’t you? Now don’t you regret doing that?)