Archive for November, 2002

My suit-wearin’ days are over! National Instruments offered me a job paying well over the average starting salary for a recent journalism graduate. I will start at the beginning of next year. EXcellent. In other news, I am sick as a dog because some stupid woman came to work sick and took the liberty of hacking all over everything. My throat started hurting yesterday morning. After going through the day at work feeling under the weather, I planned to get a pair of running shoes because I had a 20% coupon for Run-Tex that expires on my birthday (November 30th – don’t forget!). I was crawling down MoPac in my car, like a parched man crawling through the desert, “Must… buy… shoes…” And I did. So now I have these awesome new running shoes and I’m too sick to run. But across the board, my workouts have been steadily progressing. Hopefully, this throat-thing will go away soon so I can keep it up. With Turkey Day and the quickly approaching Christmas season, it’s a surefire way to burn off the calories and stress that holidays almost always induce.