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After a ridiculously long wait, Kat’s Big 10 has finally been updated! My second interview with NI went okay, but I’m not sure if I got the job. I had two other interviews last week as well, both of which were uncertain. I really don’t like this phase that I’m in now. Going to interview after interview, being asked the same questions, always wearing the same damn suit. I actually got so sick of the suit that I didn’t wear it to my last interview. In fact, I almost stopped caring altogether. Sure, I’ll answer any questions as well as I can, but I’m at the point where it all starts to become very meaningless and stupid. Aside from marrying rich or dancing at the Yellow Rose (neither of which I want to do), I’m looking at being poor and working a shit job for the better part of my youth. So, this is “breaking out of my funk” part two… I really hope there isn’t a three!