Archive for April, 2002

I have a whole bunch of papers and tests this week and I have to find a job. No fun! But I’m happy to report that last week was a barrel of monkeys, comparatively speaking. I went to Trudy’s and Starbar with James on Tueday. On Thursday, John and I ate at Hickory Street on the deck outside and tried to figure out what to do with the rest of our evening. The original plan was to see the Scooby Doo movie, but it seems that isn’t coming out for another week, so it was a little premature. Instead, we went to Buffalo Billiards and B.D. Riley’s, where Richard and I recently had lunch–the fish and chips are excellent! I met Mike at Fado on Friday. Once I found him, everything was cool. We went to Cedar Street to see Dysfunction Junction. The band was cool, but I ended up tuning it out to talk about cartoons with Mike and Cedric. After that, we went to Brown Bar, where I was surprised to find a deep house dj. Smart guy he must be. Then, Mike and I were hungry so we went to Kerbey Lane, where we found this guy talking shit to his girlfriend. This guy was a member of Mike’s old fraternity, and being the cool guy that he is, Mike let this guy know what an ass he was making of himself without mentioning it at all. Let this be a lesson to men everywhere: No matter what you’re saying or who’s in the right, you’re always gonna look like a dumbfuck yelling at your girlfriend in public. Word.

About Eeyore’s Birthday… I went to it. There were fun, crazy people everywhere and Amy and I got free beer. The music was great and I even found myself nodding to the beat of the drum circle, meaning they must have had a collective tune for a few minutes. The only part that sucked was having to leave. Since I was home, I watched K-EYE’s coverage of the event, which was incredibly lame. They spent half the segment complaining about parking (which wasn’t that bad) and didn’t bring forth one germane aspect of the entire event. I wrote them a nasty letter. It’s really disappointing that journalists are making crap like this and I don’t have a job. On a happier note, I found a cool cd called Lush, Volume 1, but I can’t find the case so I don’t know who’s on it. Still, it’s good.